Album is dedicated to Joey Ramone. It also contains Marky on one song and his writing from March, 2001.

Release is supported by live Ramones-tribute nights at various clubs in Belgium.

Kloot Per W wanted to say some comments of the album idea.
- " Idea for this record was made long before the rumours about Joey's illness (Like Marky recorded his song already September 2000) and later his passing away. First there was only a website where you could listen strange versions of the Ramones-songs and later some good press support a record company approached me. We absolutely never wanted to cash in on something as the passing away of a dear human being. We could have released it the day after Joey's death and made a lot of money. The artwork, recording, mixing, remastering, compilating and editing had been finished a couple of weeks and we were ready for release but out of maximum respect to the four and their music we did not. "

On monday 18.9,2000 Marky recorded song I Dont Wanna Grow Up with Buckweeds and Kloot Per W (tribute album organisator) for the album. Bands all over the world cover a Ramones-song in their own style to the album. More info.

1,2,3,4. will be pressed on a very limited edition of 1000 copies.

2. Marky Ramone Group/(& The Speedkings) (USA): I Dont Wanna Grow Up
3.Sherman Feat. KPW (B): Blitzkrieg Bahn
4.The Paranoiacs (B): Carbona Not Glue
5.Daan (B): Somebody Put Something In My Drink
6.JMXW (B): I Dont Wanna Walk Around With You
7.Neven (B): I Wanna Be Sedated
8.The Kids (B): Blitzkrieg Bop
9.Gabba (UK): The Pinhead Takes It All
10.Club Diana feat. Neef (Nl): Here Today Gone Tomorrow
11.Anke Helsen (B): I Dont Wanna Go Down To The Basement
12.Golden Green (B): I Wanna Live
13.De Bossen (B): Ramona
14.The Yoko Ono's (B): The KKK Took My Baby Away
15.Kin Without The Blood (B): I Just Want To Have Something To Do
16.Riguelle & Hautekiet (B): Now I Wanna Sniff Some Glue
17.La Fille D'Ernest (B): Ta Petite Amie (I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend)
18.King Me (Nl) : What's Your Game
19.Perverted (B): Can't Get You Outta My Mind
20.Dr Vögel (D): Durango 95
21.No Bluff Sound (F): Psycho Therapy
22.Kloot Per W (B): I Wanna Be Well
23.The Seconds (S): Ramones Discography (twice)
24.Ramon Da Silva (Hun): 53rd And 3rd
25.Rat Fink A Boo Boo (B): Suzy Is A Headbanger
26.The Colony (S): Commando
27.Basically Rollers (Aus):The KKK Took My baby Away
28.Bedlam Boys Choir (USA): Blitzkrieg Bop

1.Huntingtons (USA): Life's A Gas
2.Agathocles (B): Animal Boy
3.Traffic jam (B): Bad Brain
4.R.3.1 (D): I Wanna Be Sedated
5.No Bounds (D): Howlin At The Moon
6.Skunk (D): Pet Sematary
7.Mika feat Jah Paul II (Jam): I Wanna Sniff Some Glue
8.Ramon Duul II (A): Surfin Bird
9.Ron Alone (F): Heidi Is A Headcase
10.Rob (U) Rang (B): I Dont Wanna Be Tamed, I Don't Wanna Be Learned
11.Rohan Lee (Jam): I Believe In Miracles
12.Lipstick Traces (USA): We Want The Airwaves
13.Kuluan (B): Chop Suey
14.Flurk (B): Rock'N'Roll Highschool
15.Krycek (USSR): I Wanna Live
16.Cortina (B): Danny Says
17.Grandpa Ramone (USA): Loudmouth
18.Fezz (B): I Believe In Miracles
19.Luc Crabbe (B) : Gimme Gimme Shock Treatment
20.The Hot Rod Honeys (B): Beat On The Brat
21.Funeral Dress (B): Rock'N'Roll Highschool
22.Faroutski (B): I Wanna Be A Ramone
23.Rambones (D): Teenage Lobotomy
24.Bad Preachers (B): California Sun
25.Captain Beurk (F): I've Got A Lot To Say
26.The Dirty Scums (B): Ramones Medley
27.De Lama's (B): Ik Sloeg Haar Half Dood
28.Davo Vermeersch (B): I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend


Venue: Hof Ter Loo
City : Borgerhout - Antwerpen
When : Friday, 2 November 2001
Doors open 18 and first band starts 18.30

2 different stage:
Main stage: 18.30-19.10 Clash City Rockers (UK), (punk- and new wave -covers)
CBGB's stage: 19.15-19.45 Captain Beurk (FR) (Ramones-covers)
Main stage: 19.50-20.30 The Kids (B)
CBGB's stage: 20.35-21.15 RÄmouns (D) (Ramones-covers)
Main stage: 21.20-22.10 Funeral Dress (B)
CBGB's stage: 22.15-23.05 53rd and 3rd (UK) (Ramones-covers)
Main stage: 23.10-00.10 G.B.H.

00.10-01.10 Dj Kloot Per W (Ramones)
01.15-03.15 Dj Gunther Bakeland (Punk hits)

Ticket: 500 bfr (incl. sampler - 4 tracks -first 500 in)

After a double album got released, it cost 20 euros. I had here order details, but I had taken those away in 2011 as this is probably sold-out.